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Call it free cash, found money, monetary rewards, recovered funds, unexpected revenues—by any name, there are dollars out there, waiting to be claimed by businesses like yours, if only you knew where they were and how to claim them.

These funds come from a variety of sources. You may not even know they are there, and you probably lack the expertise, resources, auditing capability, time and manpower to try and claim your share. That’s what we do. We’re Green Lab Financial. We’re experts at recovery. And because it’s all we do, we’re geared up to do it efficiently. Our team has dug up, claimed and recovered millions for our clients nationally.

Best of all, we’re contingency-based. This means if we don’t find savings, you don’t pay. And if we do find savings, we pay ourselves with a surprisingly modest percentage of the total amount collected. This percentage is far less than you would pay to try to recover on your own—with no guarantee of success. Why not try us? We’re at your service. And you literally have nothing to lose! And yes, big revenue may be awaiting you…

How to qualify?
Let our team perform a no-cost consultation and assessment. We have such a wide variety of cost savings programs that we can work with virtually any size business in any vertical market in the US (and internationally)—from the family-owned 10 employee company to the Fortune 50—we have it covered. Register your information and let us figure out how much cash we can find.

You Are Invited to
join the scores of companies and organizations that entrust their financial recovery to our specialists. We’re at your service, and you literally have nothing to lose. And, yes, there may be big, recoverable revenue in one or more of our programs.

Best of all, once you’re a client, our team of Green Labs continues to hunt and dig. When we find a new cash savings opportunity, you will automatically be notified given the option to participate.

Groundbreaking Pension Recovery

Securrex examines your pension fund’s historical stock trading activity and distinctively catalogs each stock trade through violation. Our data shows irrefutable proof of secondary stock trades outside the National Best Bid Offer (NBBO) and potential FINRA regNMS violations.

“Green Lab Financial has been significant in the development of our nationwide distribution network to forward our mission which is to help all of the hardworking school teachers, professors, police/fire, government and union workers who have worked their entire lives for that one day they can retire in relative financial comfort. The entire Green Lab team is very professional and a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our continued success’s together.”

-John Marks, Managing Director of Securrex Services, LLC

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