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How It Works

We are your team of Green Labs, retrieving the unexpected! We seek out and secure the often under-promoted sources of revenue to which companies are entitled, but which can rarely be unearthed and secured by the companies themselves. In today’s business models, the costs of the technology, expertise and labor force to do what we do is cost prohibitive.

We have a number of unique niche programs which yield tremendous benefits for a number of our clients. We typically find our clients between tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. Green Lab can be a valued source of cash benefit to your business.

When we seek one or more recoveries for your company — local, regional, national or global — there is zero net expense, little work for your staff, no change in business practice or providers, and a big return on investment if we succeed. Our compensation is a surprisingly modest percentage of the recovery – because recovery is what we do, we’re geared up to do it efficiently. We work on a shared savings/zero net cost model; if there is no recovery, there is no cost to you. If there is a recovery, you receive the lion’s share of the benefit.

“We are so confident in our ability to uncover savings, that we do not charge a consultation fee. We work on contingency. We are willing to absorb all of the soft costs to “take a look” to see what we can find…and if successful, provide you with hard dollar savings that can impact your bottom line in as little as 60 days, in many cases.” – Ryan Loro, President