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Our Fees

Our fee structure is a shared savings model. Other consulting firms charge upfront retainer fees to begin their cost savings consulting process. We, conversely, only charge a percentage of the cash we put back in your pocket. This is truly a financially risk-free decision since there is zero net cost to our clients.

Moreover, since we only get paid if we provide results, our goal is mutual: to uncover as much cash as possible for your business. We don’t disrupt your current day-to-day business environment; we don’t change operations, procedures, suppliers or vendors. We don’t take up much time either—our programs require as little of your company’s time and effort as possible. We realize that you have a business to run and we know how valuable your time is. We simply retrieve cash that hasn’t been found yet—and the best part is that if there are no savings, there is no fee. We’re that confident in our process.

Upon engagement, Green Lab Financial will immediately begin to gather the necessary information. We will capture and return savings directly to you.