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Securrex, a technology driven market asset recovery organization brings original information and new vetted data to public and private pension funds that may be the victims of market trade non-compliance.

Never before has this groundbreaking technology and data been available for public/private pension funds. Due to non-compliance plaguing our financial markets, Securrex has the ability to uncover/recover substantial money for the fund based on trades that were not properly performed by broker/dealers.

Before Securrex, there was no one actively policing trade-through violations. New technology now exists which permits pension funds to receive a huge recovery on behalf of their pension members. In order to recover material harm for non-compliance, pension funds need an independent forensic audit of historical trading transactions proving harm. Securrex’s data repository has forensic proof of False Claims made against pension funds. Simply put, through Securrex, there is now a success fee based service available which can analyze past trades to make sure that you received the markets best price for your transaction and proactively recover monies owed.

April 1, 2014 Securrex Testifies at Hearing for HR-701 in Harrisburg, PA: Full Video clip 8:30 – 10:30

Forensic Trade-Through Evidence

Trade-through violations are willful financial frauds impacting every pension fund that trades US Equities.

Trade-Throughs occur when a trade is not executed at the best protected price available to market participants. Funds receive less than what they were contractually entitled to receive. Trade-Throughs are a systemic problem and FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is not enforcing the Order Protection rules of Regulation NMS. Investors are being “ripped off” on average 300,000-400,000 times a day. Securrex has forensic evidence of every trade-through violating SEC Rule 611 of the Order Protection Rule impacting state funds. (See Securrex Public Presentation for detail).

Trade-Throughs are False Claims

Trade-Throughs are False Claims because certain fiduciaries (Advisors, Brokers, Custodians, Consultants) of pension funds knowingly breach their contracts and violate policies by submitting false claims to the government or caused the submission of the false claim (or made a false statement or record) with knowledge of the falsity of the information.

Scale of Problem (Public Pensions)

According to the US Census Bureau in 2012 there are 3,998 public pension systems receiving over $1 Trillion in government contributions. Collectively, public funds hold over $1 Trillion in equities and are underfunded by nearly 1⁄2 Trillion dollars. Securrex has forensic evidence of faceless trade violations for 20,672 US Equities. Over $16B in Harm!

Scale of Problem (Private Pensions)

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) is a United States agency with statistic data on private pensions. The PBGC has said that there are about 26,000 private pensions in the United States and protects over 40,000,000 US workers. Many of these private pensions are of size to structure their plans with fiduciary banks and advisors similarly structured as state pension funds. Securrex is able to offer assistance to private pensions that utilize broker/dealers to execute an agreed strategy investing in US Equities. With over $20 billion of faceless claims in the Securrex data repository, allowing us to marry your depository trust trading data with our repository puts your face on violated trades that belong to your fund and gives us a precise dollar amount of harm to begin the recovery.

Coordinated Call to Action

Securrex is bringing original information and technology to pension funds we believe are being materially harmed. Securrex would like to lead a coordinated effort with pension fiduciaries under private contract to recover harm and damages directly for the pension systems.